For Collectors

ArtSolution is the creator of several successful initiatives that assist collectors:, the MasterArt Directory and MasterArt VR. is a website that showcases more than 15,000 works of art from 300 of the world’s leading art dealers and galleries. Its portal invites users to search for artworks by keyword (artist or maker), category or gallery, and set email alerts about new acquisitions based on their specific search criteria. In addition to showcasing the world’s most exquisite pieces, reports news about ongoing developments as well as upcoming events in the art world.

MasterArt Directory

The MasterArt Directory is an annual guide created by MasterArt that lists the world’s leading galleries and dealers, along with other useful information for collectors. The MasterArt Directory is distributed during the previews at top international art fairs, prestige events and luxury hotels.

MasterArt VR

MasterArt VR produces and hosts professional virtual tours for art dealers, galleries, fairs, museums and institutions.